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Ezor d'Arvine History

It was a world made of five kingdoms, each guided by a Goddess. Each kingdom had a pyramidal temple called “point”: It contained its history, the founding bases of its origin, the jewels, the vestiges, the secrets. A green world crossed by rivers, waterfalls, paths bordered by enchanted forests, mountains, various fauna and flora.

The people, pacifists, lived in harmony with nature and maintained positive relations, rich in affinity. Understanding reigned. The Goddesses watched over them and protected them. But… the day came when the shadow of Evil returned… A tempting, manipulative and cruel Evil.

Chosen ones were selected to fight it and go in search of the object of power, the one that would bring peace. They will have to take an impossible path which will reveal unsuspected gifts allowing them to accomplish what they would never have dared imagine. A much bigger dream, to become the heroine of their life.

This is the story of those women who dared ... What about you? Are you going to conquer yourself in order to make your dream come true?